Two new housing projects from Murapol

Murapol has recently introduced two new housing projects to be erected in Katowice. They were called Murapol Nowy Bażantów and Murapol Śląskie Ogrody.

Murapol Nowy Bażantów will be located between Radockiego and Bażantów streets on a 2 ha plot. The company purchased the land from Geo Group for net PLN 6,65 million. First works were already kicked-off at the construction site. The first stage of scheme is comprised of one 5-storey building and 59 apartments (from 20 to 52 sq. meters). In total, there will be 360 apartments covering the usable area of approximately 15 000 sq. meters.

The second housing project – Murapol Śląskie Ogrody – will be erected in the northern part of the city. The 2,24 ha plot is located on Bytkowska St. opposite Best Western Premier Hotel Forum Katowice. The property was purchased by the developer for net PLN 9,5 million. 243 apartments (from 25 to 60 sq. meters) in two 6-storey buildings are already in the offer. Murapol wants to build 460 apartments (approx. 21 000 sq. meters of usable area) in total within this project.