Two new tenants at Szewczyka Sq.

A convenience store and electronics shop are the latest tenants of the multipurpose center at Szewczyka Sq.

The franchised convenience store was opened by Carrefour Poland in the main building of the Katowice Railway Station. Called Carrefour Express, it is located close to the main entrance from the side of Młyńska St. The store has a sales area of 60 sq. meters and offers a selection of essential products and takeout meals.

The electronics store is created by two brands of Saturn and Samsung, and is dedicated for customers interested in the latest technologies and innovations of premium electronics devices. It covers the area of 140 sq. meters and offers the most advanced products of Samsung as well as mobile solutions, household appliances, home entertainment and media of Saturn. The Samsung Saturn Store is located on the „0” level of Galeria Katowicka close to the entrance of the Railway Station’s building.