Two welded spans granted to Silesian Museum

Griffin Art Space, a cultural institution founded in 2012 by Griffin Group, will handed over two welded spans of Supersam to the Silesian Museum. Demolition works on the former building were already concluded in the meantime.

© Griffin Group; dismantling of the welded spans of Supersam

The demolished market hall was delivered in 1936. Due to its unique, welded steel construction designed by renowned Prof. Stefan Bryła, the building was very modern. The facility was demolished as the new owner of the property is going to build a 43 000 sq. meters shopping center at the site.

The welded structure consisted of 10 spans placed at the 11-meter spacing. To show the designer’s idea, four original spans will be kept within the new Supersam as a distinguishing feature of the building. The two fore-mentioned spans are to be storaged by the Silesian Museum.

The investor did not yet make any decision what will happen with the four remaining spans out of ten.

„The spans are very important historical treasures witnessed the intensive industrial competition in the Upper Silesian region had been disjoined by states boundaries at that time. We are going to use them to prepare an outdoor installation. The decision about the shape of the exhibition and where it can be placed will be consulted with architects of the new Museum’s seat” – said Piotr Sworzeń, head of metal preservation department at the Silesian Museum.

Owner of Supersam and the welded construction is Griffin Group. As we can read at the official webpage of Griffin Art Space, the means of functioning for the institution is „a patronage of most exciting cultural events and excelling art institutions”. Griffin Art Space takes the position of a supporter, art patron and creates its own art collection. The institution have already joined commercial purposes of its retail properties with the art – various artistic events are organized in the Griffin’s Renoma department store in Wrocław as well as in the Koszyki market hall in Warsaw.

© Griffin Group; dismantling of the welded spans of Supersam
© Griffin Group; dismantling of the welded spans of Supersam