University of Silesia obtained building permit for WRiTV

The City Hall of Katowice approved a building permit for the new building of the University of Silesia’s Radio and Television Faculty (WRiTV). The facility will be erected on Pawła St. in the City center.

© University of Silesia; new seat of the Krzysztof Kieślowski Radio and Television Faculty
© University of Silesia; new seat of the Krzysztof Kieślowski Radio and Television Faculty

Polish Grupa 5 and BAAS from Spain won the international competition to design the building in 2011. Last year, the architects signed a contract to prepare a detailed design. Works on the project are about the be concluded in a few months. “This is a very laborious process – we have to consult and take into consideration many functional and technical aspects of the building as it will serve as a complex teaching base for students and as a cultural center for the region. Additionally, it needs time to create something special what would become a spark for the neighbouring area’s revitalization” – says prof. Krystyna Doktorowicz, deputy dean of the Radio and Television Faculty project.

After the detailed design is done, the University will be able to issue a tender for prime contractor. “In the meantime, we conduct several different proceedings to obtain financing for the project. We also prepare to sell our properties on Bytkowska St. where the Faculty’s premises are currently located” – prof. Doktorowicz added.

The new University of Silesia’s Radio and Television Faculty will be located on a 2 258 sq. meters plot, containing an abandoned building. The architects plan to preserve the existing building and add an extension to it while protecting the character of the old. “Our design aims to be sensitive with the existing building aesthetics and takes advantage of its materiality and visual values by building on top of it and abstract volume made out of a brick latticework, which follows the neighbour’s section” – BAAS say at their website.

Most of the Faculty’s premises will be situated in the four-storey front part. The back two-storey construction was lowered to correspond with surroundings. A green patio will be created in a central part of the complex. The 5390 sq. meters building will house a two-storey film studio, projection room as well as photo, montage and sound workrooms. The total cost of the undertaking amounts to PLN 22 million.

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