Upper Silesia is still main automotive hub of Poland

JLL released a report on the Poland’s automotive sector. Main automotive companies were listed in the publication showing the Upper Silesia region is still the largest car manufacturing hub of Poland.

In 2013 over 583 thousand automobiles left Polish production lines which ranked the country the EU’s 8th largest car manufacturer. Car production in Poland is concentrated in major industrial hubs such as Upper Silesia (Fiat, Opel), Poznań (VW) or Wrocław (Volvo), according to the analysts. „However, the country’s automotive output is much more than just car manufacturing. In fact, the vast majority of automotive production involves parts and components for export. Multiple producers, subcontractors and suppliers operate throughout Poland making the automotive supply chain a compound system” – the report says.

JLL pointed out four most notable automotive investments to be launched in the next few year. Three of them are located in the Katowice agglomeration: production of the fifth-generation Astra to be launched in the GM’s Gliwice plant in 2015, new diesel engines production line in the GM’s Tychy plant and new assembly line within the Fiat’s plant in Tychy, where the production of a new B-segment is possible to be launched.

The publication also mentions the main manufacturing companies of the automotive sector. There are 53 automotive producers and suppliers in the entire Upper Silesian region, including the Katowice agglomeration, Częstochowa and Bielsko-Biała area. The number of automotive companies established in the region is the largest in Poland. Lower Silesia, which is the second on the list, attracted 32 automotive firms.

List of main automotive companies in the Upper Silesia region:


Cooper Standard Automotive Polska

Cornaglia Poland

Eaton Automotive Systems

Electropoli Galwanotechnika

Fiat Powertrain Polska

Fiat Powertrain Technologies Polska

Hutchninson Poland

Magneti Marelli Suspension Systems Bielsko

Pojazdy Specjalistyczne Zbigniew Szczęśniak


TI Poland

TRW Steering Systems Poland

Valeo Electric and Electronic Systems

Zakład Usług Technicznych ZUT


GST Automotive

Safety Poland

TRW Polska

Dąbrowa Górnicza



Assembly Centre Gliwice

Autorobot Strefa

Epedal Polska

General Motors Manufacturing Poland

Hirschvogel Components Poland

HP Polska

Kirchhoff Polska

Nexteer Automotive Systems

NGK Ceramics Polska

Plastic Omnium

Shinchang Poland

SILS Centre Gliwice

Tenneco Automotive Eastern Europe

TRW Breaking Systems Polska

Yushin Precision Automotive


Delphi Poland


Automotive Lighting Polska

Magneti Marelli Exhaust Systems Polska


Plastic Components Fuel System Poland

Plastic Components and Modules Poland

Segu Polska


Boryszew S.A Oddział Maslow

BOS Automotive Products Polska

Comau Poland

Fiat Auto Poland

Ford Werke GmbH

Huf Polska

General Motors Manufacturing Poland

Lear Corporation Poland II

Magna Car Top Systems Poland

Magna Formpol

Nexteer Automotive Poland

VAB Czesław Tomkowicz



Nifco Korea Poland