Valley grew green on ICC roof

The International Convention Center’s exterior is almost done and the black color of the solid figure is only cut across by a green curve of the valley. Advanced works are being conducted inside the venue designed by „JEMS Architekci”.

The construction site was handed over to Warbud over one year ago, in June 2013. From then on, the prime contractor has concluded all concrete works, the building was topped-out and covered with the roof. All external windows and doors were installed as well as moving escalators inside the venue. Also, Warbud has almost finished to install the elevation made of expanded metal black mesh and grass was laid in terrain escarpments of the green valley. The green passage goes diagonally through the building’s roof. The valley will be fully available for the public – a view point was designed at the top and a cafe will be opened in the middle of the green passage.

The main entrance and foyer was located just under the valley and the inside ceiling is a geometrical representation of the escarpments situated above. „The ceiling was the most complicated part of the construction, which is very unusual. It needs a lot of work of building crews and accuracy. Once they plumb all installations, it will be difficult to change anything as the fittings and wiring are located between heavy steel trusses to be covered by the metal black mesh. The same which is used on the elevation” – Warbud representatives explain.

Installation works are advanced in all parts of the venue. Also, the building surroundings, including roads and pavements, are now being built. A foot bridge will link the ICC and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra’s new seat (opened on 1st of October). Works on the bridge are almost done. The undertaking is being executed by Strabag.

The International Convention Center is expected to be completed in December this year. First events will be held in the venue in March 2015.