Wawel Service and Activ Investment sell cheap in northern Katowice

Wawel Service presented details about its first housing project in Katowice last week. The developer now reveals prices of apartments. Activ Investment, which launched the Karoliny housing estate last quarter, have also started a promotional offer. Minimum prices start at the same level for both investments at present.

Both developers have planned their housing estate to be located in the northern part of the city. Wawel Service will build Bytkowska Park in the junction of Bytkowska and Telewizyjna streets. Construction works are expected to be launched this spring. The Karoliny housing estate is being erected on Karoliny St. close the Basilica of St. Stephen in the district of Bogucice.

In case of Bytkowska Park, there will be 65 apartments built within the first stage of the undertaking. The prices start from PLN 3 999 per one square meter. The highest possible price to be paid by the buyers is PLN 5 800 per one square meter.

Activ Investment also lowered the minimum price to PLN 3 999 per one square meter (previously the starting price was PLN 4 770 per one square meter). However there are only a few apartments to be purchased for the promotional price, both in Bytkowska Park and the Karoliny housing estate.

Activ Investment has sold 8 apartments out of 44 being built within the first stage. Another 10 apartments have been reserved. In Bytkowska Park customers made 19 reservations (out of the 65 apartments) in a week.