Wawel Service presents its Katowice project

Kraków-seated developer Wawel Service is preparing to launch its first housing investment in Katowice. The company wants to kick-off Bytkowska Park this spring. Apartments sale has been inaugurated on Monday.

The new housing development will be located in the northern part of the city in the junction of Bytkowska and Telewizyjna streets, close to the Silesian Park. A total area of the construction plots amounts to 16 600 sq. meters. A valid building permit for the first stage of the undertaking (one building) was issued by the City Hall in December last year.

There will be four buildings erected within Bytkowska Park offering 245 apartments in total and covering the usable area of 12 000 sq. meters. 65 apartments of the first building were already put on the market. The area of the housing units range from 38 to 70 sq. meters. Part of the offer will be sold within the governmental programme Apartment for the Youth. Additionally, 200 underground and 52 ground parking spaces will be put at inhabitants disposal.

Wawel Service expects to start the construction work in spring this year and deliver the building in the last quarter of 2017. According to the developer, Bytkowska Park will be distinguished by its low costs of buildings and apartments maintenance.

Wawel Service has been present on the housing maket for 20 years. The company has engaged in several projects mostly in Kraków and Warsaw, and already sold 2 500 apartments.

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