Węglokoks looks for tenants

The State Treasury’s Węglokoks is looking for new tenants for its mixed-use complex, where headquarters of Getin Bank has been located. The bank is now moving to a new seat and the office premises are available for rent, according to the gornictwo.wnp.pl portal.

The property is situated at 10 Pszczyńska St. and consists of two plots covering the total area of 21 841 sq. meters, on which two buildings are located. The first building, called the Uthemann Villa, was designed by Georg and Emil Zillmann from Charlottenburg (present district of Berlin) and erected in 1910. The villa was built for the Giesche coal mine’s director of that time, Anton Uthemann. The building covers the area of 1 125 sq. meters and is owned by Węglokoks since 1996.

The second, five-storey building is located right alongside and offers 2 182 sq. meters of usable area. The office and conference facility is connected by underground passageway to the villa. The building was designed by the architects Dieter Paleta and Wojciech Wojciechowski. It was delivered in 2004 by Strabag. Also, the villa underwent a renovation the same year.

Węglokoks is present on the international coal markets since 1951. During the several decades of its operation, the company has achieved the position of one of the leading European suppliers of solid fuels. Węglokoks is headquartered in Katowice.