White buildings to be erected on Złota St.

A new housing project was kicked-off in the north-west part of the city. The chamber scheme is being erected in the junction of Złota and Lipowa streets., opposite the Silesian Park.

The project was called Złota 19 and is being built on a 1 700 sq. meters plot. It will consist of two five-storey buildings and one-storey underground car park. A green area will be created between the facilities. The design of the buildings was prepared by Zalewski Architecture Group from Gliwice, Poland.

There will be 36 two- or three-room housing units. Two 70 sq. meters apartments and two 140 sq. meters penthouses will be located at the top floor.

Premium Profit Service from Bielsko-Biała, Poland is a developer of the housing project and a prime contractor. The company cooperates on the real estate and financial markets offering services to sportsmen, including Polish football players.

The groundbreaking took place about two months ago. Laying of the foundation slab has been commenced in the turn of October and November.