Who really purchased Wojewódzka plot?

At the end of 2014, the Eurostar Real Estate’s investment plot on Wojewódzka St. was sold by auction by the court enforcement officer to the District Court „Katowice-Wschód”. The name of the new owner has been officially unknown for several months.

The subjected land is located east from the “Rialto” cinema. The plot was auctioned by the court enforcement officer due to enforcement procedures that had been instituted against Eurostar Real Estate. Before that, Polish Hotel Company had wanted to build there a 3-star economy budget hotel. After the financial problems of Eurostar Real Estate, the hotel company retracted from its investment plans.

In late November last year, the land was sold to the unknown purchaser. The amount, which had been paid for the land, remained confidential as well. However, the name of the new owner has been recently published in the land register, according to which the property is now owned by KG Group.

The company was established to conduct multi-family housing projects. KG Group is registered in Kraków where the firm has been recently involved in the housing scheme called „Osiedle Plitza”. The company was co-created by Leszek Gaczorek, who is also a vice president of CCC Factory – part of the Capital Group CCC, a well-known Polish shoes manufacturer. Additionally, Leszek Gaczorek and Marek Koźmiński, a president of the board of Eurostar Real Estate, where both partners at MJ Invest, which is now represented by KG Group.