Works half-way marked on ICC

Nine months left to conclude the construction work on the International Convention Center (ICC). The building is now almost half-finished.

Currently 450 workers of Warbud and its subcontractors are engaged at the construction site working on a three 8-hour shift basis to provide around the clock coverage. At the beginning of March, builders finished works on the steel structure of the roof and facades, of which the weight was 2 800 tons. An air-conditioning and ventilation central unit was installed and is prepared to provide heating to the building. The roof coverage of the multifunctional hall was also completed.

Concrete works are highly advanced on the roof where it takes on the shape of a valley – an exterior passage leading over the building and to be used for outdoor exhibitions and happenings. A main foyer is located just below the ceiling deformation.

The construction work is now 47% completed. 29 800 cubic meters of concrete were already used to erect the center as well as 3 100 tons of reinforcing steel. The builder crews will also need 200 tons of secondary steel structure and 300 tons of steel structure of suspended ceilings. Roads area will amount to 11 900 sq. meters. Earth works of 98 000 cubic meters involved excavations, backfills and soil replecement.

A new delivery date of the building is scheduled for 15th of December 2014. The International Convention Center is being built for PLN 280,2 million along Olimpijska St. close to the „Spodek” sport and exhibition hall.