Works progress on new roads of cultural district

Budimex S.A., a construction company, is constructing new roads of the cultural district in the area of the former “Katowice” coal mine. After eight months of works, it is time to resume the company’s activities on the investment.

The works on the new road system of the district are divided into three parts – stage I, stage II phase I and stage II phase II. Budimex was contracted to conduct the first two parts (stage I, stage II phase I). The contract, worth approximately PLN 80 million, was signed on 2nd of June 2011 with the City Hall – an investor of the undertaking. The roads will form driveways to the new facilities of the Silesian Museum, the International Convention Center, the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra’s seat and planned car park on Olimpijska St.

Within the two parts of the works, Budimex is to build a new track of Olimpijska St. and a road connection with Ordona St, as well as new cross-roads of Olimpijska – Korfantego Av. and Olimpijska – Roździeńskiego Av. Additionally, the stage I and the stage II phase I include an extension of Nadgórników St. and Dudy-Gracza St. in the direction of north. Moreover, a 20 meters wide foot-bridge will be built over Dudy-Gracza. All the works have to be concluded by 2nd of January 2013.

For the present, Budimex has conducted 23 percent of the works within the stage I and almost 12 percent within the stage II phase I. “Budimex is currently preparing the ground for the new roads by relocations and reconnections of utilities, and is laying down new sewage and water connections” – says Jarosław Łuczyński, Inspector at the Investment Department of the City Hall of Katowice.

The stage II phase II will embrace works on roads located north from the Nadgórników St. including an extension of Mieroszewskiego and Katowicka Streets. However, the implementation date of this part of the project is yet unknown.

Road system of the cultural disrict, green line - I stage of works, red line - II stage
© City Hall of Katowice; road system of the cultural district, green line - stage I of works, red line - stage II

© City Hall of Katowice; road system of the cultural disrict