Works start on new taxiway at KTW

Works on the conversion of a former runway into a taxiway have been commenced at the Katowice International Airport (KTW). The undertaking is being executed by Skanska. The company will conduct the works for gross PLN 40,6 million.

A new airport runway was opened at the end of May this year and the former runway has been out of use since that day. The Upper Silesian Aviation Group, responsible for the management of the airport, decided to turn the former runway into the taxiway.

The investment undertaking will involve the works on a road, sewage and electric infrastructure. „The old surfaces will be improved with the usage of mineral and bituminous layers. A total volume of 80 thousand tons of asphalt mixtures will cover the surface area of 125 000 sq. meters. Also, we will install a new beaconing and provide sings and markings to adjust the control and monitoring infrastructure for the ILS system of category II” – said Michał Łukaszkiewicz, project manager at Skanska.

Machines used in the construction process will be controlled within a 3D system – a computer with a three-dimensional model of the works will pilot the machines enabling faster and more accurate control.

The works will be completed by January 2018.