Xcity Investment invites to negotiate for OMP project

Xcity Investment today released an invitation for investors interested in the realization of a commercial project to be located at Oddziałów Młodzieży Powstańczej Square (OMP) in the center of Katowice.

Xcity Investment is a special purpose vehicle of the Polish State Railways (PKP). The company was created to conduct development projects with private investors on lands owned by PKP. Now Xcity Investment invites all concerned parties to negotiations in order to select the investor for joint venture for development of commercial undertaking on the parcel located on the south side of the Katowice main railway station. The land is located at Oddziałów Młodzieży Powstańczej Sq. covering the area of 3 208 sq. meters with settled legal status. Planned functions include offices and retail space of approximately 4 000 sq. meters.

Xcity Investment will be issuing the project’s information memorandum between 30th of November 2015 and 29th of February 2016. The subject of the negotiation is, among others: legal form of cooperation, scope of rights and obligations, manner and time for the execution of the project, amount of investment expenditures incurred with regard to the project, securing the financing for the project and proposed manner of land development – an architectural and urban concept.

Responses to the invitation should be submitted in accordance with the information included in the memorandum. Xcity Investment reserves its right to select one or several potential investors for negotiations.

Apart from the Katowice project, Xcity Investment announced the invitation to negotiation on selection of investors to 14 development projects across Poland, including Chorzów and Bielsko-Biała sites, both located in the Silesia voivodeship.